Grand Prix Cross Country Series All Time Top 10

1 DeJager, Emily Abby Christian Elem 06:51.07 2013
2 Haintz, Marquesis Unattached 06:59.41 2011
3 Trent, Amy Abby Christian Elem 02:00.00 2016
4 Motion, Emily Unattached 07:03.27 2010
5 Kampman, Jessica Abby Christian Elem 07:03.31 2010
6 Arnold, Miranda Blue Jay Elem 07:05.26 2006
7 Ross, Sarya Sandy Hill Elem 07:09.53 2005
8 Boughen, Teagen MEI Elem 07:16.00 2009
9 Radom, Sasha Albert McMahon 07:16.06 2011
10 Grewal, Shaheena South Poplar 07:17.10 2009
1 DeJager, Emily Abby Christian Elem 06:38.02 2014
2 Ross, Sarya Sandy Hill Elem 06:46.45 2006
3 Ratzlaff, Tessa MEI Elem 06:47.27 2006
4 Klassen, Sophia Barrowton 06:47.32 2015
5 Haintz, Marquesis Unattached 06:48.45 2012
6 Motion, Emily Unattached 06:49.31 2011
7 Mcintyre, Olivia Auguston Traditional 06:51.00 2016
8 Timmerman, Demi John Calvin 06:51.00 2016
9 Wolfe, Madeline Auguston 06:55.00 2013
10 Boughen, Teagen MEI Elem 06:57.25 2010
1 MacGregor, Gabrielle Clayburn Middle 06:25.01 2010
2 Eagles, Ashton Abby Trad. Middle 06:27.03 2007
3 Haintz, Marquesis Unattached 06:30.44 2013
4 Ross, Sarya Chief Dan Middle 06:31.29 2007
5 DeJager, Emily Abby Christian Middle 06:32.61 2015
6 Petrie, Stella W A Fraser Middle 06:36.00 2016
7 Unruh, Alicia MEI Middle 06:43.01 2008
8 Kampman, Jessica Abby Christian Middle 06:44.14 2012
9 Radom, Megan Albert McMahon 06:44.56 2010
10 Mortimer, Rachel Chief Dan Middle 06:45.32 2012
1 Siemens, Alexandra Unattached 06:05.03 2007
2 Mortimer, Rachel Chief Dan Middle 06:22.14 2013
3 Eagles, Ashton Abby Trad. Middle 06:22.22 2008
4 DeJager, Emily Abby Christian 06:24.00 2016
5 Kurcuz, Aaryanna MEI Middle 06:24.02 2012
6 Stokes, Martina Abby Trad. Middle 06:30.12 2010
7 Misura, Jamie Unattached 06:32.06 2014
8 Lenz, Marin Unattached 06:32.25 2014
9 Pilgrim, Callum Chief Dan Middle 06:32.30 2009
10 Konrad, Hannah WA Fraser Middle 06:32.35 2010
1 Lenz, Sienna Abby Middle 06:01.78 2013
2 Matimer, Rachel Chief Dan Middle 06:02.09 2014
3 Siemens, Alexandra MEI Middle 06:02.12 2008
4 Pilgrim, Callum Chief Dan Middle 06:07.19 2010
5 Unruh, Alicia MEI Middle 06:12.05 2010
6 Konrad, Hannah WA Fraser Middle 06:12.56 2011
7 Lenz, Marin Abby Middle 06:17.78 2015
8 Hutchison, Cassidy MEI Middle 06:19.00 2014
9 Misura, Jamie Clayburn Middle 06:19.11 2015
10 Bako, Jensen WA Fraser Middle 06:24.15 2012
1 Brandsman, Ben MEI Elem 06:29.08 2015
2 Wakelyn, Parker Unattached 06:30.33 2010
3 Fleming, Daniel Abby Christian Elem 06:35.00 2016
4 Wright, Luke McMillan Elem 06:36.00 2016
5 Wust, Caleb Langley Christian Elem 06:42.15 2006
6 MacGregor, Lockhart Auguston 06:42.30 2013
7 Nakaniski, Arata Auguston Traditional 06:43.00 2016
8 Wassenaar, Arie South Poplar Traditional 06:44.00 2016
9 Brandsma Sam MEI Elem 06:43.16 2013
10 Bos. Zach MEI Elem 06:43.18 2015
1 Colyn, Nick Langley Christian Elem 06:17.22 2007
2 Wadhwani, Issac St. Patrick 06:18.47 2007
3 Brandsma, Ben MEI Elem 06:20.00 2016
4 Enns, Lorenzo MEI Elem 06:24.03 2006
5 Kieistra, Jim Abby Christian Elem 06:26.07 2006
6 MacGregor, Lockhart Auguston 06:28.10 2014
7 Nickel, Noah MEI Elem 06:29.08 2010
8 Chalk, Luke MEI Elem 06:30.12 2010
9 Pike, Ben King Traditional 06:32.44 2013
10 Bos, Zack MEI Elem 06:34.00 2016
1 Nickel, Noah MEI Middle 05:48.06 2011
2 Harter, Austin W.A. Fraser Middle 05:55.40 2015
3 MacGregor, Lockhart Abby Middle 05:56.85 2015
4 Brandsma Sam MEI Middle 06:02.23 2015
5 Sansalone, , Hayden Abby Middle 06:06.00 2016
6 Wadhwani, Nathan St. Patrick 06:08.00 2007
7 Carsience, Joshua MEI Middle 06:11.07 2014
8 Toews, Dawson MEI 06:12.00 2016
9 Pretty, Tyler WA Fraser 06:12.00 2016
10 Wadhwani, Issac St. Patrick 06:14.12 2008
1 Carsience, Joshua MEI Middle 05:41.05 2015
2 Lenz, Brandt Abby Middle 05:43.40 2015
3 MacGregor, Lockhart Abby Middle 05:51.00 2016
4 Wakelyn, Parker WA Fraser 05:52.30 2013
5 Gill, Herman Chief Dan Middle 05:53.26 2008
6 Nickel, Noah MEI Middle 05:54.29 2012
7 Peters, Mike MEI Middle 05:54.42 2008
8 Trent, Matthew Abby Christian Middle 05:57.15 2015
9 Brandsma, Sam MEI Middle 06:01.00 2016
10 Dow-Kenny, Will Clayburn Middle 06:04.28 2012
1 Banwait, Gursimran Abby Tradional 05:28.10 2009
2 Gill, Herman Chief Dan Middle 05:31.10 2009
3 Peters, Mike MEI Middle 05:36.20 2009
4 Carsience, Joshua MEI Middle 05:40.00 2016
5 Skapski, Mitchell WA Fraser 05:44.10 2009
6 Nickel, Noah MEI Middle 05:45.08 2013
7 Miller, Carter WA Fraser 05:45.36 2013
8 Enns, Lorenzo MEI Middle 05:47.00 2009
9 Baron, Kyle WA Fraser 05:50.10 2009
10 Bosak, Blake WA Fraser 05:50.36 2015

Medals by VR Athletes at Canadian Youth Champs

Sainte-Therese, QC—August 5-7—Three club athletes traveled last week to the Canadian Youth Championships in Quebec and each of them returned home with a medal….

Sainte-Therese, QC—August 5-7—Three club athletes traveled last week to the Canadian Youth Championships in Quebec and each of them returned home with a medal.

Vikramjit Gondara brought his two years in the Youth division (16/17 year olds) to a conclusion by adding yet another gold medal to his collection.  Undefeated during the year in his age division, Gondara tossed the 5-kg hammer 64.95 meters to win the event by more than four meters.

Teammate Rowan Hamilton, who has another year of competition remaining in the Youth age division, was the bronze medalist in the hammer with a toss of 60.11 meters.  In addition, Hamilton’s toss moved him into third place in the Canadian Youth division rankings behind Gondara in first (65.46m) and Alberta’s Andreas Troschke (61.11) in second.

The club’s third medal was secured by high jumper Michael Lambert. Injured through the first three months of the outdoor season, Lambert made the best of his limited season by clearing 1.96m to win the bronze medal in his specialty.

Ocean Athletics Alexa Porpaczy, who is a VR training athlete, cleared 1.69 meters to win the gold medal in the Youth Division female high jump. Porpaczy completed her year ranked number one in Canada in her age division with a season’s best jump of 1.76 meters achieved at the BC Athletics jamboree.

Young Royals excel at JD Championships

Congratulations to the Royals Junior Development athletes on a fine weekend in White Rock at the BC JD Championships….

Congratulations to the Royals Junior Development athletes on a fine weekend in White Rock at the BC JD Championships.

Kristin Kotyk, in her first ever competition performed very well in the hurdles and in the high jump.

Ally Hutchison had strong performances in the discus and javelin.

The dream team of Trevor Matthysen, Gurshaan Gill, Trystan Castro and Lockhart MacGregor dominated the medley relay earning a gold medal and then went on to capture a silver medal in the 4 x 100 metre event.

Lockhart MacGregor was the Royals top performer of the meet, winning gold in the 300m, 800m, and 200m hurdles. Congrats to all our competitors on a fine meet and a great season.

BBQ Fundraiser @ SaveOn Abbotsford 2016

Today we made $730.30 on the BBQ And sold 4 cases of chocolates….

IMG_2144 (1)IMG_3189IMG_3185IMG_3187




Today we made $730.30 on the BBQ And sold 4 cases of chocolates! Way to go!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered! It was a huge success! Despite the rain it was a fun and productive day. We were even visited by past athletes which was awesome to see them supporting us!

IMG_2146IMG_2144 (1)Former Valley Royal athlete Jimmy Stewart stopped by to support the club.

Alison Bricco, a former athlete, also stopped by.

Victories & PBs at Upper Fraser Valleys

Victories and personal bests for Royals athletes at the Upper Fraser Valleys……

Several club athletes had multiple victories while a number of others established personal best performances at the Upper Fraser Valley Championships that took place last week at the Swan Track in Abbotsford.

Thrower Tasha Willing recorded triple wins during the two-day meet as she had no trouble winning the senior girls shot put (11.52m), discus (25.56m) and hammer (46.66m).   Other wins by throwers were produced by Rowan Hamilton, first in junior boys hammer (54.11m) and discus (39.54m) while Vikramjit Gondara won the senior boys hammer with an impressive 59.95m performance as well as the discus with a throw of 40.91m.   Jayden Driver was his reliable self and turned in silver medal performances in the senior boys shot put (11.23m), discus (38.26m) and hammer (51.40m).

Middle distance runners Tanner Geary, Daniel James and Rachel Mortimer led the way for the Royals in the running events.  Geary established a personal best in the senior boys 800m battling to the finish with last year’s Canadian Youth team member Dean Ellenwood.  Geary started his finishing drive with 300m to go but was caught a few meters from the line by Ellenwood.  The Langley runner won the event in a time of 1:55.6 but Geary recorded a personal best with his second place clocking of 1:55.9.

Daniel James, a 16-year old grade 10 student, ran in the junior boys age division.  James placed first in the 400m (53.10) and 1500m (4:18.4) but had to settle for second place in the 800m (1:59.8).   In the 800m James jumped into the lead with 200m to go but that move may have cost him the win as he was caught at the tape by Langley athlete Jordan Schmidt (1:59.2).

Rachel Mortimer, as a grade 9 runner, was competing in her first Fraser Valley Championship meet.    Competing in the junior girls division, Mortimer was first in the 1500m (4:52.6) and 3000m (10:30) and came second in the 800m (2:25.9).

Cassidy Hutchison placed 3rd in both the 400m and 800m races.  Marley Hutchison set a PB of 13.12 in the 80 m hurdles and together Marley and Cassidy qualified for the Fraser Valley meet for all 5 events they competed in!

Cassie Brandsma was a double gold medalist with victories in the junior girls high jump recording an impressive 1.63m and pole vault (1.90m).  Bryce MacKenzie was first in the junior boys high jump with a very good height for his age group of 1.85m.

Other medal winners by club athletes included Angela Gourley, 2nd in both 100m hurdles (16.34) and 400m hurdles (71.65), Hannah Konrad with silver medals in 400m (61.24) and 800m (2:21.7), Abresia Foote, 2nd in the jr. girls 1500m RW (8:51), Devon Kular with second place in Sr. boys PV (3.00m) and Erica Johnson, 3rd in senior girls’ 1500m steeplechase (5:59).

Joan Wager Poms, on loan to the Royals from Spain, had an easy victory in the boys’ 2-k SC (6:40) with teammate Parmvir Waring 2nd (6:50).

Now it’s on to the Fraser Valley Championships that take Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of next week at the Coquitlam track.

Smith Achieves Olympic Standard, #1 Ranking

Smith Achieves Olympic Standard and #1 Ranking……

Jessica Smith traveled to Palo Alto, California last Sunday to take part in the Stanford Invitational.   It was a good day for running that featured very warm temperatures and good fields of runners.  Smith placed second in the 800m.  Her time of 2:01.84 was under the Canadian Olympic standard and puts her in excellent position to be selected for this summer’s Brazil Olympic Games as well as gaining Smith the top ranking in Canada for her event so far this year.

Now that she has achieved the all-important standard, if Smith places amongst the first three in the 800m at the Canadian Championships, she should secure herself a place on our country’s Olympic team.

Lindsey Butterworth and Helen Crofts also took part in the 800m at the Stanford meet with both VR athletes producing notable performances. Butterworth ran her all time best clocking of 2:04.00 to place fifth and Crofts put forth her best effort of the season in coming eighth (2:05.06). The weekend’s results at Stanford places Smith first in the current Canadian rankings for the 800m with Butterworth in fifth spot and Crofts in eighth.

Django Lovett holds second place in the Canadian rankings for the men’s high jump.  Last Saturday Canadian record holder Derek Drouin jumped 2.24 meters in Des Moines, Iowa  but Lovett’s jump of 2.23m achieved earlier in the season places him second in the Canadian rankings.

In the junior men’s Canadian rankings, Joel Della Siega, of Ocean Athletics, who is a Valley Royal training member, is tied for first in the rankings (2.05m) with Michael Lambert in third position with a height of 1.95m.

This coming Wednesday and Thursday a large number of club athletes will represent their various schools at the Upper Fraser Valley Championships that take place at the Swan Track in Abbotsford.   This meet is the first step in qualifying for the Provincial High School Track and Field Championships in Nanaimo during the first week in June.  

Chocolate Fundraiser for Month of May!

JD Chocolate Fundraiser details…

fund-benefitsWe are super excited to announce that we have an AMAZING opportunity for our JD Athletes (and now ALL of our Athletes) to help support the Valley Royals Track and Field Club!!

We have been in contact with World’s Finest Chocolates. We will be receiving chocolate suitcases for the JD team to help raise funds for the club. Each chocolate suitcase has a retail value of $90. The club will profit $48 on each suitcase. That’s a staggering 53% profit towards the club!!

EXCITING!!!! This means extra funds that can go towards new equipment, track meets and the possibility of funding our very own Track Meet. Something we are working very hard to make a reality!

Our goal is to have Every JD member (& interested Valley Royal Athletes) sell at least one or two chocolate suitcases in their neighborhood. Have the kids go door to door selling in the Royals Singlet or Hoodie-Anything with the Royals Logo!! Take them to work! Get out in the nice weather and sell at soccer games! Every event you attend make sure you bring your chocolate suitcase and SELL SELL SELL!!!! This is a great way to get your little athlete involved in
the community and supporting their activity.

At the end of the month of May/ beginning of June we will have locations set up for the kids to sell (Locations and Dates to be announced). We would love it if every JD Athlete could do a 3-4 hour shift of selling chocolates. We will also need a few parents to help supervise.

There will be PRIZES to whoever sells the MOST chocolates!!


Read the rest of the details here… Chocolate Fundraiser

Lovett Gains Top Canadian Ranking at Mt. Sac Relays

Django Lovett claims top canadian ranking in Mt. Sac…

Django Lovett recorded a season best high jump performance of 2.23 meters Saturday at the Mt. Sac Relays in Los Angeles.   The event was won by American Jesse Williams who cleared an identical height to Lovett but accomplished his clearance on a second attempt to Lovett’s third.   But all in all it was a pleasing performance by the Valley Royal athlete who recorded his best height in several years and at present it ranks him first in Canada.

Other Valley Royal performances of note at Mt. Sac included Lindsay Butterworth’s   big break through and personal best 4:17.99 in placing 6th in the women’s 1500 meters.  Butterworth’s clocking gives her seventh place in the Canadian rankings for that event.    Jessica Smith was sixth in the women’s 800 meters (2:03.89) and Helen Crofts ran 2:07.21 in her section of the same event.

At the Oregon Relays in Eugene, OR four Valley Royal athletes took part in the high school division of the meet.  Tanner Geary ran 1:57.18 to place fifth in the field of more then 40 athletes.  Daniel James competed in the second section of the 800m and turned in a time of 2:03.94.  Kristin Biela ran a personal best 4:08.73 in the boys 1500 meters and proved to himself that even faster times are now very possible.