Valley Royals Grand Prix Cross Country Series

2016 Results

Individual Results – Week 1
Team Results – Week 1

Individual Results – Week 2
Team Results – Week 2

Individual Results – Week 3
Team Results – Week 3

Individual Results – Week 4
Team Results – Week 4

Aggregate Individual Standings for 2016
Aggregate Team Standings for 2016
Jane Swan Fitness Award Final Standings


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2015 Results

The Valley Royals Grand Prix Cross Country Series is a series of 4 meets for children in grades 4 to 8. The series takes place over 4 weeks with meets on the 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of September and the 1st and 2nd Wednesdays of October.

The Series is open to ALL students, if your school does not participate students can register as “unattached”.


Royals Grand Prix History
The elementary school’s Grand Prix Cross Country series of races came into being after Gerry Swan returned from the Canadian Track and Field Team tour of Europe. He noticed that a very popular series of meets in Europe were called the Grand Prix, where the winners were awarded points in each of the five Grand Prix meets they competed in. The winners were awarded prizes in ounces of gold or even a Mercedes Benz car. When Gerry arrived home from that series of meets, he suggested to his wife Jane, that perhaps they could initiate a series of cross-country meets for elementary school aged athletes that would follow the format of the European Grand Prix. Jane thought this was a great idea and set forth in putting the wheels in motion to begin what is now known as the Cross Country Grand Prix. The first meets began in 1984 and took place in Centennial Park. These early meets had races for grade 4, 5, 6 and 7, and in the initial years attracted less than 100 competitors.
There were some memorable races in Centennial Park. On one particularly noticeable race day, a giant thunder and lightning storm took place during the grade 5 boys’ competition. The loud claps of thunder and bolts of lightning so frightened one youngster, who at the time was leading the race, that he ran off the course and jumped into his mother’s arms. After that the competitions were delayed for half an hour until the skies cleared. With the advent of middle schools, the series was enlarged to include grade 8s. In addition to declaring winners in each grade division, it was decided to have an overall/ aggregate winner declared with the Jane Swan trophy awarded as the grand prize.
Now we are in the 33rd year, the series is as popular as ever. Schools use it as their kick-off point for the other athletic teams that will have their competitions following the cross-country season. In addition, it’s hoped that the series will promote general fitness and that is the purpose behind the awarding of the Jane Swan Fitness Award. So good luck to all the schools and competitors, and we will hope that this series of meets is as popular in the coming decades .



PLEASE do not park at the church next to Clearbrook Elementary or at Clearbrook Elementary. The church has daycare and afterschool programs and people parking at the church create significant problems for them and the safety of their kids. We realize parking is an issue at Clearbrook Park but ask that you respect the needs of our neighbours. Please remember that you can park at Exhibition Park and walk across to Clearbrook Park using the underpass tunnel near the northwest corner of Exhibition Park.  Also parking on the grounds of Clearbrook Park are for VOLUNTEERS only, and no cars will be allowed to leave until all races are completed.  Please note there is NO DRINKING WATER available at the Park, runners should bring their own water bottle.

SHIRTS available at the races!  They are a limited edition  so be amongst the few to have one…. Only $10