Use this Link to see the Event Calendar Listing on the BC Athletics Website: BC Athletics – Calendar of Events

Upcoming Track Meets:

To Resister: Email Christa at with the events you’d like to enter and your PB’s if you have them:


For information on the meets your coach would like you to compete at go to the hosting club’s website and check out the schedule (Not sure who is Hosting What and When? The BC Athletics link above will take you to a calendar of all of the Meets going on in BC–with links to each hosting club’s website). Once you have chosen the events you would like to be entered in let your coach know AND Email Christa McAuley at with these details: 

  • NAME & DATE of MEET and the NAME of the HOSTING CLUB. Be sure you can attend before you sign up because you will be charged for events that you miss
  • LIST the EVENTS you’d like to be entered into. Include details such as the AGE CATEGORY you will be competing in, TIME the event is scheduled to happen and YOUR PB if you know it (PB=Personal Best: the best time/height/distance you have achieved so far in each event you are entering)
  • The Valley Royals will take care of registering you for the meet. Be aware of the Hosting Club’s REGISTRATION DEADLINE. Mrs. McAuley needs you to Email her your registration information as far ahead of this deadline as possible (at least 48 hours in advance but sooner is better)
  • Familiarize yourself with the Track Meet Protocol information below (a lot of this information also applies to Cross Country Meets)…


Register for a Track Meet according to the steps outlined above  

A few days before the meet it is a good idea to check the “host” club’s website to corroborate what you believe to be true, if you spot an issue, let your coach know ASAP .

Night before Meet:

  • Pack a bag with EVERYTHING you may need
  • list of entered events
  • Valley Royal Singlet (Unless you are representing your school, always wear your VR Singlet to every Track & Field or Cross Country Meet. Make sure the Royals Logo shows by pinning your number on just underneath the logo)
  • running shoes / spikes (extra laces, spikes)
  • appropriate clothes to wear before/after event
  • water bottle/appropriate food (not junk)
  • sunscreen/hat/bandages/hair bands/safety pins/watch
  • money (few dollars for emergencies)

Day of Meet:

  • Arrive at LEAST one hour before scheduled time
  • If a meet is running early events can be moved up by half an hour – they will not wait for you
  • This allows time for proper warm-up so be sure to do one 
  • On arrival go to the registration tent to see if the Valley Royals Package has been picked-up.
  • If NOT, you can usually get your individual number if time is tight, otherwise wait there for the coach to arrive to pay and pick up the package.
  • If the package HAS been picked up you need to go to the Valley Royals meeting spot..look for the Valley Royals tent. The package should be there either with a coach, or parent. Get your number from the package, check over the registration list to confirm you are registered in the correct events, if you note a problem tell you coach ASAP
  • The coach could be busy with other athletes, so it is your responsibility to do a proper warm-up.
  • Listen for announcements for your event
  • Usually, athletes will be called to “Marshal” or “Sign-In”. Typically, this done at the starting point of your event.  Often the Marshaling Area is under a tent–but not always.  Sometimes the athletes are given chairs to sit on while they wait to be walked to the start line–or they may be standing in a line-up. Once you have been Checked-In at the Marshaling Area you can’t leave so be sure to have your bathroom break before you Check-In!

Parents and Spectators You are NOT allowed on the infield. Be aware that there are rules and expectations of how you will behave at the meet:

  • You must watch/cheer from the sidelines for field events or the stands for track events
  • If any help is required you will be asked
  • Be positive, the coach will handle any critique that needs to be addressed
  • The coach is the only one allowed to be doing any coaching
  • Athletes can be DISQUALIFIED for receiving what’s considered unfair help from friends and family.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask your coach.
  • Enjoy your day and Have Fun !

updated March 7th 2017